Wing-Words and Frameways

I am getting ready for an event tonight called ‘Celebrating Staff Success’ to collect a qualification award for myself and to collect the ‘Student-Led Teaching Award’ for best feedback on behalf of my colleague, Paul Houghton.

The qualification I received was a PG certificate in Research Supervision for which I wrote a comparative paper on ‘Poetic Inquiry’ and ‘Doctoral Supervision’. The Article will appear in the Journal of Writing in Creative Practice  in a special edition edited by Alke Groppel-Wegener. I am thankful to her for introducing me to the area of ‘tactile academia’   and for inviting me to the HEA-funded ‘WRITEPAD’ conference  (which I blogged about here) ; this event developed my research question about practice-based inquiry into the discussion surrounding doctoral supervision. The article is called, ‘Wing-Words and Frameways: Materialising the Critical Incident through Poetic Inquiry and Reflective Practice in Doctoral Supervision’.

About lmansell

Poet and Lecturer at Staffordshire University
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2 Responses to Wing-Words and Frameways

  1. authoreyes says:

    Huge Congratulations Lisa :-). Hope you have a great night. Alison Authoreyes Vaughan.

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